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Pathfinder Clean Energy (PACE) has made changes to the site and the council is now reconsulting on Tophams Solar until the 24th of February, following changes to the application 22/00741/FP.

Following the deferral by the North Hertfordshire Planning Committee on the 14th of September, we have conducted further assessments on our site, and made the following changes in response to feedback raised in the committee:

You can now download the resubmitted documents below:

We highly encourage you to submit your comments on the North Hertfordshire Planning Portal under the application 22/00741/FP until the 24th of February.

We are committed to addressing feedback raised by the community and members of the planning committee. As such, we have conducted further surveys on noise assessments, and the planning committee had the opportunity to visit a nearby solar farm.

As a part of this round of assessments, we also confirmed that the site is unlikely to have any impact on any of the existing population of bats in the area, as a part of our additional ecological assessment and bat survey.

To create further amenities for residents, we also added a permissive path along the south of the site connecting the existing public right of way to the west of Ashwell Road to the east. In addition to our original proposals of creating new public spaces to the west of the site.

We are also committed to reinstating the historical hedges across the site from east to west. Minimising the visual impact on the solar farm, whilst restoring any potentially displaced hedgerows.

In order to minimise the disruption over the months of construction, and taking the most recent transport surveys into consideration, we confirmed the proposed location and details of construction access to Tophams.

For further information, please contact our team at the details at the bottom of this page.

Why is Tophams Solar needed?

The UK urgently needs to become more self-sufficient in energy, to reduce reliance on fossil fuel supplies from other nations, and to take action to address rising energy bills. The UK Government has set targets to make the country self-sufficient in energy, and solar projects of all sizes will play a crucial role in achieving that goal.

Solar is the cheapest form of energy generation, and solar projects can be built far more quickly than other technologies, meaning they can have a far more immediate positive impact upon the environment and security of supply. As a result, the Government’s energy security strategy calls for an additional 56GW of solar electricity generation to be up and running by 2035. This will be a significant national challenge, and addressing the critical need to deliver clean, efficient and affordable electricity, will require numerous projects like Tophams Solar to be delivered around the country in the months and years to come.

North Hertfordshire has rightly declared a climate emergency and set ambitious targets to become net zero by 2030. Tophams Solar can make a significant contribution to these goals and will support the transition to a clean, sustainable, low carbon future. It will provide enough power for over 15,700 homes, enough to power the equivalent of Bygrave, Ashwell, Baldock and three quarters of Letchworth Garden City, and displace 11,300 tonnes of CO2 every year – equivalent to removing the emissions from 2,450 family cars.

Our proposals

Following consultation with the local community and a variety of stakeholders, including bodies such as Historic England, we have now submitted a planning application to North Hertfordshire District Council.

Tophams Solar will have a capacity of 40MW, generating approximately 48.9GWh of clean, renewable energy each year, which will be supplied to nearby homes and businesses via a connection to the local electricity grid.

What has changed?

We have listened to the feedback from the local community and stakeholders to understand ways that we can enhance the benefits that Tophams Solar would bring, and to reduce any negative impacts. A summary of the changes made from our initial proposals is included below:

Understanding and reducing visual impact

We have worked very hard to identify, minimise and eliminate all impacts of Tophams Solar wherever possible. However, we recognise and appreciate that it is impossible and unrealistic to completely remove the visual impact.

Nevertheless, we have taken a number of measures to reduce the visual impact as far as possible, as detailed and shown below in our photomontages.

1. We have positioned the solar panels 5-9m lower in elevation than existing properties, and will follow the contours of the land to reduce the impact on properties in Bygrave

2. Several rows of solar panels have been removed from the south eastern corner of the site, adjacent to Ashwell Road

3. We re-sited the battery storage within the site to reduce visual impact

4. New hedgerows will be planted along the eastern edge of the site to reduce visibility from Ashwell Road

5. The style of site fencing has been changed to be more in keeping with the surrounding area

Below are a selection of computer generated images prepared by PACE to illustrate what the solar farm will look like. Use the slider below to see a recent photograph before (left) and expected view after development (right).

Viewpoint Location 4 - View from Ashwell Road (looking north)
Photomontage Image
Original Image
Viewpoint Location 6 - View from the existing bridleway (looking north-east)
Photomontage Image
Original Image
Artist’s impression of new public open space
Artist’s impression of new public open space
Original Image
Viewpoint Location B - View from Arbury Banks
Photomontage Image
Original Image
Use the sliders above to see pictures taken recently and how we expect them to look after the development is constructed and landscaping mitigation added.

Viewpoint Location 1 - View from existing Public Right of Way (looking north-east)

Photomontage Image
Original Image
Viewpoint Location 2 - View from Ashwell Road (looking south-west)
Photomontage Image
Original Image
Viewpoint Location 3 - View from Claybush Hill
Photomontage Image
Original Image
How will the site be accessed?

In response to feedback from the local community, we have amended the route that construction traffic would use to access the site. We are now proposing to route vehicles through Bygrave from the south, as shown here.

The construction period will last approximately 20-30 weeks, with most deliveries taking place within the first six weeks.

Once operational, Tophams Solar will generate a minimal level of traffic.

What are the benefits?

What are the timescales?

Further information / downloads

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the project with us, you can contact us via email at, or or via phone on 0800 377 7348.

Download a copy of the brochure version here.

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